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V. H. Hakani, Advocate, associated with the firm, was an Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officer. Having opted for Voluntary Retirement, in June-2017, in the cadre of Assistant Commissioner, he was having long period of service in his hand.

He has got five-facets advantage. 1) Educational background ensuring thorough theoretical knowledge, 2) Technical Knowledge with practical edge, 3) Experience of exposure to various sections/formations/postings in the department 4) Liaison in the department and 5) Healthy relation with Trade

Each of the facets is elaborated as follows.
1) Education : Graduated from Commerce, he studied upto Final C.A. During this academics, a lot of things were learnt, especially knowledge of accountancy and accounting areas and commercial laws and thereafter in-depth and thorough knowledge of various laws alongwith /allied laws, during the course completion of LL.B, was acquired.
2) Technical Knowledge with practical edge : Having a mind-set of maintaining working culture of non-government entity/enterprise, he always worked with the examining any issue from all angles, in a problem-solving manner and result-oriented approach, which was unlike non-private entity/enterprise. This helped enrich ability to co-relate a set of facts with surrounding attendant legal provisions and, yet again, supplementing, a practical edge to the situation/problem/issue.
3) Experience : During the service tenure in the department, he had a chance to work in various Sections like Technical, Legal, M.C.D., Apprising General, Group – VII, Export, Examination, Audit, Review Revision and Appeal and various formations like Assessment Range, Central Excise Division, Customs Division, Anti-smuggling Unit, Minor Custom House, Major Custom House, Air Cargo Complex. He was selected for DRI posting and Customs Excise and Service Tax Appellate Tribunal posting.
4) Liaison/Rapport : Having rendered service of more than 31 years, he cultivated and built up an excellent relationship base with the officers in the department from all walks of life and from all the cadre as a natural outcome of having had harmonious, cordial and co-operative and supportive attitude. This relationship is a valuable asset and draws a thick line of demarcation between him and others and, therefore, imparts him an unique identity and a "step-ahead of others" status.
5) Healthy relation with Trade : Having laid-down an established foundation of friendly and easy-going relationship with the trade, assessees and tax–payers, helped earn esteem, eminence and good fame, during the tenure of his job in the department.

Having had the background of aforesaid "plus-points" and having sensed and smelled the larger scope on horizon for practice/consultancy, in view of GST in the offing, he opted for VRS and got associated with the firm and got enrolled as an advocate with the Bar Council of Gujarat. This imparted the firm an extra strength to have increased satisfaction to clientele which ultimately leads to success of the firm and success of the foundation of the firm i.e. clientele.

Mr. Vinod H. Hakani, Advocate
(Ex. Assistant Commissioner, C. Excise & Customs)
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Mr. J. T. Vyas, Advocate
(Ex. Supdt. C. Excise & Customs)
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